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Fifteen years ago, if you had told me I would be living my dreams and raising my family while working in Asia, I wouldn’t have believed you.

After my first trip to China in college, I was hit with wanderlust, and living a fearless, adventure-seeking life was always an ultimate goal. However, having started a family of my own, I didn’t feel as though I was in a place where I could juggle the nuances and responsibilities of navigating a new culture, a new city, and a new community while raising my kids. To add to this, I had a high-pressure, full-time career to consider and it seemed unrealistic to pack up and leave my job.

If all of this seems overwhelming, that’s because it was.

When the opportunity arose, through fear and doubt, I took the leap, packed up my family and moved to Asia to follow my passion. I experienced major culture shock as my family and I learned new customs, cultures, values, and behaviors all by ourselves while I had the added pressure of navigating the international business market.

I persevered and leaned into the diversity that Singapore celebrates. I opened myself up to making new connections and invested time into finding a small, tight-knit community of Black expats who empower and support me to live the life I’ve always wanted.

I now know from experience that there’s a huge difference between surviving and thriving in a new country, especially for women who are often the first to put their own needs behind the needs of those around them.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that thriving in a new country is not only possible but easily attainable too.

My NomadQueen program is specifically designed for women entrepreneurs and hopeful entrepreneurs looking to move themselves and/or their entire families abroad, to experience new sites, immerse themselves in different cultures and fall in love with a life full of wonder and adventure.

With my guidance, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a purpose-driven, fulfilled life that is inspiring for your family to see.

You’ll feel empowered to find a community and build a support network of like-minded people in your new home.

Your perspective will be adjusted to focus on the exciting opportunities that await you instead of the doubts that feed your fears.

I’ll use my background in law and my unique perspective to help you start an international business that leverages your skill set to build a career that supports your ideal lifestyle.

In other words, I’ll show you everything I wish I had known when I took the plunge ten years ago to help you transition smoothly into a new country, build your community, optimize your career, support your family and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Living in Asia and raising my family to experience different cultures has been the ultimate privilege. Imparting that knowledge onto other women and empowering them to seize new opportunities is the next step in my ever-evolving journey.

So, what are you waiting for?

Say yes to the life of adventures you’ve always imagined.

Jamilia Grier is an attorney, entrepreneur, and author that started her journey in China in 2000, over 20 years ago. She started NomadQueen in 2021, in hopes of teaching women how to live their best life abroad. Currently based in Singapore, Jamilia is fluent in Mandarin, and has spent a considerable amount of time in several cities across China.