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Close your eyes and imagine an international business meeting in any foreign country. Imagine the long boardroom table in a corner office nestled on the top floor of one of the highest high-rises in the city. Allow your eyes to follow the length of the table and now visualize the leader of the meeting seated at the head of the table. Who did you see?

Chances are, you did not visualize someone like me. Black women are superheroes in the traditional sense. They are the selfless vigilantes who patrol their homes making sure there is food on the table.

They are the true warriors sacrificing their families and heading to the frontlines of the COVID battles to keep the men and women breathing.

They are the nocturnal creatures who can’t afford to sleep when trouble is roaring in their neighborhoods.

We are brilliant, imaginative, and self-sacrificing and have for years shown determination to rise and shine on the international stage. It so i

It’s time for more black women to roll up their sleeves and step up their act on the international stage and here is why.

Inspire the Next Generation of Black Women

Entering the international stage as a black woman can be intimidating. Especially for a woman who is not currently even thinking about the international scene. As a result, the younger generation of black women could be discouraged from attempting to break down barriers without adequate role models.

The rise and political ascension of US Vice President Kamala Harris has sparked hope for similar trends in underrepresented Black women’s professions.

While this is encouraging news, Black women who are just starting out in the workforce will continue to be encouraged by other black women who are shining on the international stage. It will pave the way for all young aspiring black women to set new records as they achieve their presence on the global scene. Remember: everyone, regardless of gender, needs someone to mentor them while they advance in their careers. And that includes Black women!

Black Girl Magic and Mentorship

More black women on the international stage = enhanced power of the black girl magic.

“Black girl magic” is an inspirational term that recognizes Black women and girls’ success, elegance, and unstoppability. The phrase is suitable for big and small moments, and it ignites the internal fire that drives personal and professional accomplishments.

It’s little wonder therefore that when a black woman rises up on the international stage, she becomes a role model, especially for the younger generation. Black women leaders, in particular on the international stage, are better mentors and coaches of young talent than men.

Boost Diversity in Perspectives

We’ve discussed the importance of building a diverse international stage, with a diversity in people, experiences and perspectives of the world, eventually contributing to some much-needed creativity and personal growth.

Black women bring talents, diverse viewpoints, and creative ideas to the international stage, so when all three factors are combined, they will help generate new perspectives that will contribute to stronger overall decision-making.

  • Narrow the gender pay gap

Narrow the Gender and Race Pay Gap

As more Black women find their way on the international stage, they can easily transform the gender pay gap into a gender opportunity gap. Additional skills such as language capability and cross-cultural communications boost wages and in turn reduce the pay gap that has persisted for decades.

Many Black women expats have reported better economic opportunity and high salaries while working abroad, as opposed to lower wages in their home countries.

Final Thoughts

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in June 2020, many Black Americans see political representation as a possible catalyst for greater racial equality. Seeking to have more Black women elected to office will be a very useful strategy for organizations working to help Black Americans achieve equality.

Black women on the international stage is a global necessity. We need more black women representation on the international stage and in positions of authority to balance the equation. It’s up to us to make it happen.

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