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For me, travel has always been a journey to find a deeper connection with humanity. It has always been a quest to gain a clearer understanding with what connects humanity regardless of country of origin. Therefore, every trip, every assignment, every vacation always begins with the expectation to find a connection.

Perhaps travel motivation for black women is unique simply because the experience of being a black woman is unique. Black women are usually the glue holding together families, holding down two jobs to make ends meet, taking care of kids single-handedly, all while battling discrimination in our home country. So what can butler service at a swanky hotel do for her while she is battling the world? How can you close your eyes and feel your breath when it is so difficult to breathe in the first place?

There has to be more to travel for her than just a temporary getaway. Thankfully, the travel industry is starting to realize this. The black woman’s travel experience has to be part of her purpose. Is it politics? Is it art? Is it helping others? The answer will be different for each person. But the point is that this purpose is bigger than a 9-5 job, it is a poignant inquiry into the identity of the black woman.

If you are able to ask yourself the tough questions and patient enough to wait for the response, I’m sure you may find the real meaning of travel to you as well.

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