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It’s been around 6 months since I have really started to research the paths of black women expats. I started off this year with the ambitious goal of interviewing 100 black women expats in 2021. Note to self: remember you have a day job, 4 kids, a hubby, and the neediest lab puppy on earth. Needless to say, I had to pivot away from that ambitious goal to something more achievable.

In all of this rush to push content out I had forgotten about the main goal: to inspire other Black women to pursue careers and lives aboard. I really struggled with how to provide value in this space. I’m not a career coach, nor do I want to be. I’m also not someone that likes to market myself as someone with all of the answers or solutions to people’s problems. It became really difficult for me to find the right brand positioning or even how or what I wanted to build.

I quickly discovered that there are so many different angles to this #melanintravel movement – there’s black women who are looking to simply travel, to people who are looking to travel for free, to people who are just looking to escape the U.S. I can’t say that my story really fits into any of those buckets. I’m just a small town girl who stumbled upon another world hidden among all the noise – and fell in love with it.

So how can I help other women? I had no idea. Until finally I realized that I have been informally providing gems or nuggets of wisdom to women for quite some time. Whether it is in the form of calls I take from law students looking to find careers abroad in law, or women trying to create content, or even those looking to build up their social media presence. The value I can provide is simply being present in the space. Representation matters everywhere. And by simply being a Black woman in data, or a Black woman expat, or a Black woman who is raising a family abroad – I am providing something for other women to look to and say “Oh, it can be done. Look she did it.”

So there it is – I’ll continue to share my “gems” and “nuggets of wisdom” here for all that are willing to hear. And if ever there is anyone doubting whether it is possible for them to move abroad, or become an attorney, or do it all while raising a family. – here I am.

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