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Since leaving the United States, I’ve realized the importance of a sense of security and belonging in the community in which you reside. These are things which I never really had 100% while living in my home country, although I have gotten closer to finding them in foreign countries. I guess Jay-Z knew what he was talking about.

Tough Life for Blacks in the U.S.

All jokes aside, African Americans today are facing the undeniable truth that we tried to ignore all our lives – now more than ever, there is a strong and growing sentiment in our birth country that we are not equal, valued, or even wanted. I know it sounds harsh and radical. COVID-19 has exposed many ugly truths about racial disparities in America. Ironically, the answer to Donald Trump’s rhetorical question to Blacks in America is, “not much really.” Freedom, financial progress, quality healthcare and education, are illusions of an American dream.

So why stay? Reparations for slavery are distant, and it doesn’t look like the country will change any time soon. I guess people are generally resistant to change and fear that the grass is not greener on the other side. That’s human nature; but it doesn’t mean that it is logical. If there is a chance to make a better life for yourself and for your family why. not take it?

Looking for a Better Life Abroad

This all being said, I didn’t leave the U.S. with the intent of escaping these issues. I left in search of adventure, economic opportunity and job opportunities. It has only been after all of these years that I question why leaving isn’t more of a topic among Blacks in the U.S., especially Black women. I’ve met many Black women across the world, that have made a life overseas work for them. I hope by sharing their stories and mine, we can begin to start the conversation. As someone once said, “What do you have to lose?”

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