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As someone who has lived outside of their home country for well over a decade, the term digital nomad comes with mixed feelings.  I used to cringe every time I heard the term.  In my mind, the term digital nomad was someone who was wandering aimlessly about as a nomad,Continue Reading

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When I was back in Shanghai, most of my expat friends really wanted to relocate to Singapore. It didn’t really matter what country they were from – Switzerland, the States, Nigeria, the Netherlands – each and every one of them mentioned that if they had the chance, they would packContinue Reading

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On many levels, finding a sense of community wherever one lives is extremely important. Whether it is a large community of friends, family, and co-workers or whether it is a smaller community of immediate family; community brings a sense of belonging which is a fundamental need for all humans. FindingContinue Reading

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I’ve lived in China at various times across a span of 20 years, of course my experiences overall have been very different. For example, things I loved about living in rural China in 2000, no long exist in present day. Similarly, things I enjoy in Shanghai in present day China,Continue Reading

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For me, travel has always been a journey to find a deeper connection with humanity. It has always been a quest to gain a clearer understanding with what connects humanity regardless of country of origin. Therefore, every trip, every assignment, every vacation always begins with the expectation to find aContinue Reading