Attending law school in Connecticut, most of my classmates aimed to get a cushy job at big law. A few wanted to get into public service. I don’t recall anyone looking to practice law abroad. I was the only one checking for mentors in Asia. Find a Mentor Once IContinue Reading

woman carrying moving boxes

When looking for a country to move to, or even set your sights on your next big trip, you should definitely do a good amount of research before you pack your bags. In this post, I’ll share 5 things you absolutely must research before you relocate to another country. RelocationContinue Reading

leaving the USA

For most black women, leaving the U.S. for the unknown is scary. Especially when there are few mentors to help navigate the process. Find out how one black woman expat made it work for her. Continue Reading

gardens by the bay in singapore

Since leaving the United States, I’ve realized the importance of a sense of security and belonging in the community in which you reside. These are things which I never really had 100% while living in my home country, although I have gotten closer to finding them in foreign countries. IContinue Reading

a good reason to move abroad

In the start of 2010, I was at the top of my game, well at least as far as my career goes. I was making over six-figures practicing law at a regional law firm in Connecticut and really sharpening my legal skills as a newly minted attorney. I had justContinue Reading

when a black woman speaks chinese

One warm Saturday morning in Connecticut, I needed to run to the post office. I had a list of things to do and going to the post office was on that list, so I made an effort to get there early in an attempt to beat the lines. But ofContinue Reading

black woman travel airport

For me, travel has always been a journey to find a deeper connection with humanity. It has always been a quest to gain a clearer understanding with what connects humanity regardless of country of origin. Therefore, every trip, every assignment, every vacation always begins with the expectation to find aContinue Reading