If someone told me in December 2019, that I would be moving twice in one week in January 2020, I would have probably told them something about themselves. I mean really – I had just given birth in Shanghai which was traumatic enough let alone have to move house withContinue Reading

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Most people only dream of moving abroad because there are so many practical obstacles that get in the way. The logistics, the finances, and their personal circumstances make moving abroad seem like a fantasy. The reality is that just like anything else if you really want something you will find a way to make it work for you. If you really want to move abroad, it is possible and you can do it successfully. Continue Reading

Attending law school in Connecticut, most of my classmates aimed to get a cushy job at big law. A few wanted to get into public service. I don’t recall anyone looking to practice law abroad. I was the only one checking for mentors in Asia. Find a Mentor Once IContinue Reading