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adventures of a Black woman in asia

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kamala harris

Why More Black Women are Needed in Global Business

Close your eyes and imagine an international business meeting in any foreign country. Imagine the long boardroom table in a corner office nestled on the top floor of one of the highest high-rises in the city. Allow your eyes to follow the length of the table and now visualize the

black woman face in flowers

The Beautiful Resilience of Black Women Expats

On many levels, finding a sense of community wherever one lives is extremely important. Whether it is a large community of friends, family, and co-workers or whether it is a smaller community of immediate family; community brings a sense of belonging which is a fundamental need for all humans. Finding


The Powerful and Emerging Redefinition of Home for Black Expats

I was very humbled this month to be featured in Travel Noire’s Black Expat column. I truly appreciate the work that Travel Noire is doing in efforts to uplift the voices of Black millennials on their experiences in countries other than their own. The article is a very good start

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The Amazing Lifelong Benefits of Raising Kids Abroad

Raising kids abroad has so many benefits. Despite what your family may say about missing them during the holidays.

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