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The Amazing Lifelong Benefits of Raising Kids Abroad

Raising kids abroad has so many benefits. Despite what your family may say about missing them during the holidays.

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The Understated Value of Representation Abroad for Black Women

It’s been around 6 months since I have really started to research the paths of black women expats. I started off this year with the ambitious goal of interviewing 100 black women expats in 2021. Note to self: remember you have a day job, 4 kids, a hubby, and the

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Top 5 Reasons Why Living in China is Awesome

I’ve lived in China at various times across a span of 20 years, of course my experiences overall have been very different. For example, things I loved about living in rural China in 2000, no long exist in present day. Similarly, things I enjoy in Shanghai in present day China,

Living Through A Pandemic

If someone told me in December 2019, that I would be moving twice in one week in January 2020, I would have probably told them something about themselves. I mean really – I had just given birth in Shanghai which was traumatic enough let alone have to move house with

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