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NomadQueen in Asia

Wondering how to build your best life abroad?

Because a little adventure never hurt anyone.

Living in Asia and raising my family to experience different cultures has been the ultimate privilege. Imparting that knowledge onto others and empowering them to seize new opportunities is the next step in my ever-evolving journey. Get the free checklist to learn how you can also live a fearless, adventure-seeking life.

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The Amazing Rise of the Digital Nomad

As someone who has lived outside of their home country for well over a decade, the term digital nomad comes with mixed feelings.  I used to cringe every time I heard the term.  In my mind, the term digital nomad was someone who was wandering aimlessly about as a nomad, without any sense of direction

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It’s Sunny Singapore for Now

When I was back in Shanghai, most of my expat friends really wanted to relocate to Singapore. It didn’t really matter what country they were from – Switzerland, the States, Nigeria, the Netherlands – each and every one of them mentioned that if they had the chance, they would pack up their bags and move

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Why More Black Women are Needed in Global Business

Close your eyes and imagine an international business meeting in any foreign country. Imagine the long boardroom table in a corner office nestled on the top floor of one of the highest high-rises in the city. Allow your eyes to follow the length of the table and now visualize the leader of the meeting seated


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